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Communities are its citizens, brought together through common interests. From the schools our children attend to the public services and spaces we utilize. Serving school districts and local institutions live at the heart of what we’re about at Anderson-Williamson – insuring those who ensure the common good.

As public servants, we want you to have the protection and assurance you need to help your citizens and their families thrive. Having the peace of mind that you’re prepared for all manner of risks is an essential part of an administration’s ability to provide the best education, and the best community services, possible.

Specific to school districts, understanding the risks and liability associated with school districts requires a specific license – a series of classes and testing to qualify an agent to provide the best possible service. At AW, owner and senior agent, Matt Bennett is a Certified School Risk Manager and has the experience to understand and meet your insurance needs.

AW currently insures several communities and school districts throughout the Miami Valley.

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